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Taken By Biker Werewolves

Caleb Sumner runs a small bar on the outskirts of a small town, where he keeps his homoerotic interests to himself. When a gang of gay bikers shows up looking for a filthy good time, he’s shocked and forced to confront his own insecurities. When they turn out to be werewolves, things take a turn for the sweaty (and furry) as Caleb gets what he’s been wishing for and the werewolves get him, over and over.

Captured By Cowboy Cougars

Jacob wants to escape his crappy life by crossing the desert wasteland to the west coast, where everything is better. Too bad that desert wasteland is full of awful things, like a pair of cowboy cougar slavers that turn his simple task into a sweaty, filthy, sexy nightmare.


Wolf Play

When Mark decides to dabble in the 'leather community' to expand his sexual horizons, he accidentally ends up servicing a scoundrel of an anthropomorphic leather-wolf named Hawk. Hawk plays predator while Mark grapples with his prey feelings in the context of BDSM and leather fetish.

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