Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FANG 4, and Story Series

I am in Bad Dog Books' "FANG" anthology, volume 4. That sounds so erudite, doesn't it? The way I said that? It's an anthology about anthro animals fucking. Specifically, "life after high school". I have a rather dark take on it.

The story features other stories by the following intrepid furry writers: Whyte Yoté, Sylvan Scott, Scott Maddix, Tym, Toonces, Anima, Lindskold Janis, Tyler David Coltrane, Lycanthromancer and Metassus.

And, as you can see at the link below, the cover is by Blotch.

Bad Dog Books' "FANG vol. 4"

In other news, you can find a list of my story series below, and above. You might think, "but there's only one series there! Surely you must have-" Okay, you aren't thinking that. It's called marketing. You'll come back for more, and there'll be more.

Story Series